About Us

About Us

Houseagogo was an idea that came about in order to combat a sluggish property market. Lara Buckler had persuaded her mum to invest some inheritance into a property venture so that she could ‘put the money to good use,’ which at the time seemed like a fantastic idea in a busy market. However, three builders (one ran off with the money, one was far too slow and the final a dream!) and two years later the market had drastically changed thanks to a stamp duty hike and BREXIT. The uncertainty of it all had put a dampener on the London market and it meant that a property that should have sold quickly enough had ended up sitting empty for a further year. 

Desperately trying to think of some way in which she could get the money out of the flat, Lara had her first ‘eureka moment.’ Not a stranger to property (she had been involved in the industry in some way for over a decade) she knew the pitfalls and problems that every one had when it came to buying or selling their homes. What if there were a way in which all the stress and all those many headaches didn’t need to happen and instead… it became fun?! Well, Houseagogo does just  that! 

It takes the guesswork out of the selling process. Lara gives a real market appraisal of the property’s worth so as not to distort the market but still ensure you get the money you should. Say goodbye to properties sitting on the market for months without any action and countless price reductions and hello to a simple as well as FREE (that’s right no fees) process.

Houseagogo isn’t just an owner’s miracle but also a friend to buyers alike. Stamp duty, (including additional 3% if you already own a property) legals, council tax as well as buildings insurance for up to 6 months after the win are all paid for so that you can truly relax and decide what you want to do with your new asset! 

Helping the first time buyer to get on the property ladder, the aspiring investor add to their property value or just someone that wants to have fun and win some serious money… with low odds and low entry fees it works for everyone! 

Like an excitable kid, Lara ran the idea past her husband (also in the property industry) to see if she was crazy. Luckily he loved it and had some input of his own too… he volunteers every Christmas at homeless shelters and thought that as well as helping the first time buyer and investor we should also help those less fortunate. He strongly believes that mental health is a major cause of homelessness today so 10% of all proceeds will go to a charity helping to beat that. 

So there you have it… an ambitious young woman thought up a crazy idea where an average person can win a property with incredible low odds, helping to beat the property slump and combat mental health issues at the same time. Not the worst idea in the world.