How to enter?
Click 'enter now' on the current property advertised and register your details. You will then be taken to our secure payment gateway in order to purchase the ticket(s) of your choosing. The final step will be choosing the year that you believe to be closest to that of when the house was built. Only correct answers will be submitted in to the prize draw..
How to sell my property?
Easy and free! Just send us an email with your contact details and a representative will be in touch to organise a valuation. Should you decide to move forward you will enter into a legal contract with Houseagogo so as you cannot pull your property before the competition ends - so make sure you're certain you want to sell! From there we will take care of everything else; legals and ticket sales! You just relax and pay NOTHING..
How many tickets can I buy?
Can I buy a ticket and then purchase another one at a later date during the competition?
You can enter as many times as you like.
How much is it to enter?
Tickets will range in value dependant on the value of the property up for grabs. Our aim is to ALWAYS ensure that the odds in any competition are below 350,000! We want you to have the best odds of winning the top prizes..
How is the winner decided?
When the competition closes all of the successful entrants that guessed the question correctly will be put through a random generator in the presence of an independent solicitor. The name generated will be deemed as the winner. Make sure you subscribe to our Youtube and Facebook to channels to stay up to date as we will be filming every bit of the action!.
When will the winner be announced?
The winner will be announced within 3 working days of the competition closing. The competition will close either when the last ticket is sold or the six month time period is up, whichever comes first. The more tickets you buy, the quicker we close the competition and move onto the next!.
Can I enter if I live outside the UK?
Unfortunately not at this time. Only UK residents are permitted to enter, however, we are working on bringing a Houseagogo to a country near you!.
How old do I have to be in order to play?
Only UK residents above the age of 18 can play to win..
Is this a raffle or a lottery?
No, this is a prize competition. A level of skill must be exercised in order to enter the competition..
Will I have to pay anything if I win?
NO! Houseagogo cover all stamp duty costs, including the higher tier if you already own a property. We also cover all legal fees as well as buildings insurance and council tax for up to 6 months after the win. We think this is important so that you can have the time to decide what you want to do with your new home; rent, sell or enjoy!.
What will happen if the tickets aren't sold within the time frame?
Should we not achieve our target ticket sales then a cash prize will be offered to the winner. Don't worry, someone will still win! Please refer to our terms and conditions.
What happens if you sell more tickets than needed?
This can't happen - we have our set number of tickets and a tally/countdown record that updates as soon as tickets are bought. You'll always be able to check in and see exactly where we are and how many are left. As soon as the last ticket is sold, the competition closes and the winner will be announced within 3 working days..
How will ownership of the property be transferred?
This will be carried out by the normal legal channels but without all the headache! A solicitor will act for you (fees paid by Houseagogo) and will work on the transfer of the title with the owner's solicitors..
How do we know we won't win a dud?
Houseagogo carry out a homebuyer's survey prior to releasing the property on the site. This ensures that the property will have no issues that would cause the property to unmortgageable or unsaleable at a later date. Houseagogo's legal team will also carry out all the normal due diligence to ensure that the property is correctly owned and we have the right to sell it!.
How will I be notified if I win?
Before you buy a ticket you have to register with us. This ensures we have all your correct details so as we can let you know as soon as we know! So make sure you put down everything correctly! You'll then have the opportunity to decide whether or not you want us to keep your identity a secret. However, we would love to have the opportunity to throw a house warming for you when we hand over the keys and put this on our Youtube and Facebook channels!.
What do I do with the property once I win?
Whatever you want. We are happy to advise you on your next steps, whether that's to find a tenant, sell it or even release it back to us. Some properties may be transferred with a tenant in place, however, the rent will go straight over to you and you can decide on your next steps from there. It will be yours to do as you please, mortgage free!.
How do I get in contact with Houseagogo?
You can email in to us via or alternatively send us a message on either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! We aim to get back to you within 24 hours.